Ensuring a Safe and Secure Environment for Everyone

All facilities are kept ventilated 24 hours a day.
Since the health and safety of our guests and staff are paramount, we have implemented measures in accordance with industry recommendations and national CDC*1. We will also update our countermeasures as needed depending on the situation.

Public Areas

Touchless alcohol dispensers

We have installed touchless alcohol dispensers at the front desk and on each floor, providing an environment where they are easily accessible to guests.

Luggage sanitizing stations

We have EPA*2-approved sanitizers available. Please use them to disinfect the handles of your suitcases, etc.

Air purifiers

We have installed WHO-recommended air purifiers at the front desk that make use of UV and ozone to disinfect the air.

Disinfectant spray and air purifiers/ozone generators

We lend out child-friendly EPA*2-approved disinfectant spray, as well as low-concentration ozone generators which remove bacteria and viruses from chairs, desks, and other furniture.

Droplet countermeasures

We have installed acrylic partitions at the front desk to prevent the spread of droplets. In addition, we regularly ventilate the hotel lobby by opening the main entrance and windows when the weather permits.

Contact transmission countermeasures

In addition to our usual cleaning of the building interior, we also regularly disinfect the card keys, railings, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and other places that guests frequently touch.

Free masks

Free masks are available at the front desk. Please ask if you require one.

Social distancing

We ensure appropriate spacing between guests during check-in and check-out.

Staff Efforts

Safety training

Our staff has undergone safety training in accordance with industry recommendations and CDC*1 guidelines.

Strict countermeasures

Each staff member wears a mask, regularly washes their hands, and uses alcohol disinfectant.

Health checks

As part of our effort to manage the health of our staff, we check their temperatures regularly and maintain accurate records of potential symptoms.

Requirements of Our Guests and Visitors

Masks and alcohol disinfectant

Upon check-in, check-out, and while in public spaces, we ask that you wear a mask and use alcohol disinfectant.

Temperature and health check sheets

When admission or checking in, please check your temperature and fill in the required information to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

When feeling unwell

Please inform the staff if you start to feel unwell. We can direct you to a hospital that offers services in multiple languages.

Cleaning Efforts

  • We clean all of our guest rooms with EPA*2-registered products.

  • We will not perform bed-making services during your stay but will provide fresh linens to guests upon request.

  • If you want us to collect your linens and trash bags, please leave them outside of your door, and we will collect them at a specified time.

  • We provide cleaning supplies upon request. If you need something, please contact the front desk.

  • Upon check-out, ventilate your room to ensure the safety of our staff while cleaning.

Avoiding the "Three Cs" (Closed spaces, crowded spaces, and close contact)

  • All facilities are kept ventilated 24 hours a day.

  • If you wish to speak with the front desk, we ask that you do so by phone or email in order to avoid close contact.

  • We ask that you avoid spending long periods of time in the lobby and other shared spaces.

  • We stock each guest room with several days' worth of linens and amenities. However if you require more, please fill out an order sheet available in the lobby, and we will meet your request. (Requests by email are possible at some facilities.)

Should hotel staff determine that a guest or guest's actions may cause considerable trouble for the hotel or other guests, or find that a guest will not cooperate with hotel policies, including infections disease prevention policies, hotel staff may refuse accommodation to said guest. For more details, please see the Accommodation Contract.
  • *The above policy may change with or without notice depending on Japanese law or the policies of related orginizations.

  • *1CDC:Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • *2EPA:United States Environmental Protection Agency

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