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Frequently asked questions

Q.​ ​Can I smoke in my room?

A.​ ​Smoking is prohibited in all rooms. If you wish to smoke, please use the designated smoking areas.

Q.​ ​Do you have any connecting rooms?

A.​ ​Depending on the each hotel, connecting rooms are available.

Q.I have booked two rooms. Is it possible to have adjoining rooms?

A.​ ​Please enter "Adjoining rooms" in the "Requests" section.​ ​
Please be aware however that we may not be able to accommodate your request, depending on room availability.

Q.Do children count towards the accommation limit?

A.​ ​Tokyo: Up to 2 children 6 years old or under of age are not included in the number of guests.
Kyoto: Up to 2 children 12 years old or under of age are not included in the number of guests.

Q.​ ​What kind of equipment do you lease?

A.For kitchens: Rice cooker, Toaster, Slicer, Knife Sharpener
For living: Iron , Iron Stand, extension cord, Vacuum cleaner, blanket
We lease the equipment above. Please ask us as soon as possible because the number of items is limited.

Q.​ ​What is available to use in the guestrooms?

A.​ ​Each guestroom is equipped with a Hair dryer, Toothbrush(es), cotton wool,cotton swab, cotton buds, shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, hand soap.

Q.​ ​Do you clean the guestrooms every day?

A.​ ​We do not clean guestrooms during your stay.
However, we replace towels and bath rugs, take out garbages according to your request.
We make beds and clean room once every three days.
* Additional room cleaning and replacement of bed linen will incur an additional fee.

Q.Do you have a gym within the hotel?

A.We do not have a gym.

Q.Do you offer laundry services?

A.Our hotel has a laundry room. Some guestrooms are equipped with a washing machine.

Q.​ ​Are there any convenience stores or supermarkets near the hotel?

A.​ ​Please check the information on specific hotel website “ACCESS&MAP ”.

Q.​ ​Do you have internet?

A.Wi-Fi is available free of charge in all rooms.
*You can find a password for a Wi-Fi connection in the guestroom.

Q.I have a small child - could you fit a bed guard, please?

A.​ ​Bed guards are available free of charge. Please enter "Bed guard" in the "Requests" section. Please be aware however that numbers may be limited.

Q.Do you offer a newspaper delivery service?

A.​ ​Our hotels do not offer this service.

Q.​ ​Do you have humidifiers?

A.​ ​All rooms are fitted with humidifier and air purification systems.

Q.I have a baby who needs milk. Are there facilities to heat water in the room?

A.​ ​Your room will be equipped with an electric kettle.

Q.​ ​Is parking available?

A.​ ​We have no parking available for guests. Please use public transportation. If you come by car, please use one of the coin parking lots near the hotel.

Q.​ ​What kinds of transportation are available to the airport?

A.​ ​For details, please check each hotel site “ACCESS&MAP ”.

Q.​ ​Do you operate a shuttle bus between the hotel and the airport?

A.​ ​We are sorry but we do not offer a shuttle bus service.

Q.​ ​How do I get from the station to the hotel?

A.​ ​Please check specific hotel website “ACCESS&MAP ”.

Q.​ ​Do you serve breakfast?

A.​ ​Our hotels do not serve breakfast. We can however direct you to restaurants or coffee shops which serve breakfast in the local area.

Q.​ ​Are there any restaurants?

A.​ ​We do not have any restaurants in our hotel. We can however direct you to restaurants in the local area, or you can use "demae" (delivery) services.​ ​

Q.Is room service available?

A. Our hotels do not offer room service.
Our hotels do not offer room service.

Q.​ ​What time can I check in and out?

A. Guests may check in at 3:00pm.
\Guests must check out by 11:00am.

Q.​ ​What are the rules for cancellations?

A.​ ​For our cancelation policy, please check the​ ​Accommodation Termson this website.

Q.​ ​Can an accompanying guest check-in before me?

A.​ ​Please instruct the accompanying guest to give the name of the person who booked the room when checking in.
In this case, however, please note that your identity will be verified on arrival.

Q.​ ​Can you look after my luggage before checking in, or after checking out?

A.​ ​Yes. Please ask at reception.
*Please refrain from leaving anything valuable, breakable or perishable.