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  • 2020.08.12

    Notes on using the GoTo Travel Campaign

[Notes on using the GoTo Travel Campaign]
(As of August 6, 2020)

・When paying at check-in, a 35% discount will be applied to the price indicated at the time of booking.
・This campaign is targeted at residents in Japan (excluding residents in Tokyo).
・If you live in Tokyo, you cannot use the campaign.
(Even if you make a reservation with the GoTo eligible plan, if it is found that you are a citizen of Tokyo, it will be a regular price.)
・The ID of the representative will be confirmed at the front desk. Please note.
*Please bring the confirmation documents that can prove your current address on the day.
・The following items are not eligible for GoTo Travel Campaign.
Occupancy tax
Additional charges incurred locally
Example) Rental equipment, goods purchased at the front desk, tickets, guest room upgrades, etc.

* The following is a quick reference table created based on the total amount of stay for multiple people and consecutive nights.
*There is a condition that the maximum amount of accommodation price discount per person per night is 14,000 yen (the accommodation price per person per night is 40,000 yen. If it exceeds 40,000 yen, the discount amount will be 14,000 yen). Please confirm the calculated amount according to the number of guests and the number of stays.
*Accommodation charges are different for each schedule, so if you would like to confirm the details of the calculated amount, please contact the accommodation facility.

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