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  • 2020.08.12

    Notes on using the GoTo Travel Campaign

[Notes on using the GoTo Travel Campaign]
(As of September 17, 2020)

・When paying at check-in, a 35% discount will be applied to the price indicated at the time of booking.
・ This campaign is for residents of Japan.
・ We will verify the identity of all guests and measure the temperature. Please note that.
・ Until September 30, the address will be confirmed by the representative's ID card at the front desk. Please note.
* Please bring a confirmation document that can prove your current address on the day of the event.
* If you live in Tokyo and stay before September 30, you will not be able to use the campaign.
(Even if you make a reservation for accommodation before September 30 with the GoTo target plan, if it turns out that you live in Tokyo, we will guide you at the regular rate.)
・ Sold for accommodation dates until January 31, 2021.
・The following items are not eligible for GoTo Travel Campaign.
Occupancy tax
Additional charges incurred locally
Example) Rental equipment, goods purchased at the front desk, tickets, guest room upgrades, etc.

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