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  • 2020.08.21

    Goto campaign for residents of Japan

Wondering what is Go To campaign (Japanese government support of domestic travel) or how to use ?

Following link can see summary of campaign for use. Please take a look!

・Available 11 languages ・Applicable only for residence in Japan

Click here for English Click here for Korean

Click here for Traditional Chinese Click here for simplified characters

Click here for Russian Click here for German

Click here for Hungarian Click here for Lithuanian

Click here for Vietnamese Click here for Tagalog


Go Toトラベル事業の適用一時停止に伴い、【GoToトラベルキャンペーン】の新規予約および既存予約の「GoToトラベル割引」、「地域共通クーポンの発行」を一時停止します。

・ Go To Travel Secretariat website


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