Fill the future with joy, from people to society

We at MIMARU gather friends and allies from all over the world and welcome our guests' individuality. Through this accommodation business, we hope to connect the world with Japan and provide our guests with an unforgettable travel experience and joy. Based on this goal, we would like to work together with everyone involved with MIMARU to realize three themes:
"Diversity of people and work styles"
"Connection with guests and local communities"
"Consideration for the environment"
From guests to the locality, from locality to the world and the future. To spread this chain of happiness and prosperity throughout society, we aim to make steady progress toward realizing SDGs.

Initiative 01

Diversity of people and work styles

Diversity of people and work styles

Towards a world where everyone’s personality shines

We want MIMARU to be a place where the individuality of our staff, who are diverse in nationality, age, background, etc., is respected and where everyone can work towards their dreams while supporting each other. Creating a work environment that amplifies the charm of each individual is an essential element for the growth of MIMARU and for making our guests smile. By promoting D&I (diversity and inclusion) in a place where people with diverse personalities and ways of thinking work together, and transmitting the process to the world, we hope to contribute to the realization of D&I throughout society.

Initiative 02

Connections with guests and local communities

Connections with guests and local communities

Connecting Guests and Communities with Fun

At MIMARU, we aim to create an environment where guests from all over the globe can feel safe and comfortable in Japan; a country with a unique culture, lifestyle, and a high language barrier. In addition to accommodation services, we will do our best to support our guests so they can enjoy the city and connect with local communities. When people and communities are connected and form a mutual understanding, the fun of visiting for guests and the prosperity of the city will increase simultaneously. We continuously think about ways to contribute to this goal.

Initiative 03

Environmental consideration

Environmental consideration

Working together toward a "sustainable future"

At MIMARU, as a hotel, we promote initiatives that consider the global environment, such as offering products that entail less environmental impact and contribute to measures against climate change. We hope that guests and staff alike will become more invested in helping our environment through their work and travel experience at MIMARU, and we will continue to encourage them to think together and take action toward a "sustainable future".

Initiatives towards sustainability


To realize "a world where no one is left behind" in terms of poverty, education, environmental challenges, etc. by 2030, the United Nations General Assembly adopted 17 goals and 169 targets that not only developed nations but also developing nations aspire to achieve. We would like to contribute to the SDGs` goal of a "sustainable future" with our efforts.