Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

As people's needs and values change, trips also evolve with the times. However, the joy of traveling with family and friends always stays the same. MIMARU is an apartment hotel designed for medium-to-long stays where guests can share the fun of their destination together.

We created MIMARU to offer a place where guests from all over the world can stay together with their family and friends.

And we feel it is our mission, to open the door to even more excitement and discovery, as our guests travel with their family and friends.

A single spacious room can accommodate up to 10 persons.
You can be so much closer to your fellow travelers.

Each of our rooms is equipped with a completely furnished kitchen and
dining area, allowing you to feel at home during your stay.

You can also wash away the weariness of a day of discovery by taking a long bath.

*Some facilities have shower rooms only.

Apartment with two or more bedrooms.
You can enjoy privacy during your trip.

Spacious one-room apartments.
Perfect for enjoyable stays
with family and friends.

Our Inspiration
The staff will be there for you, like friends who have gathered for you, from all over the world.

Our staff from all over the world who love Japan, are waiting to welcome you. Let's make your trip a memorable one together.

Make the Most of the City

MIMARU hotels are located in some of the best sightseeing areas in Tokyo,
Kyoto and Osaka, so you'll have an easy time getting around no matter your
destination. Enjoy long, fulfilling days of taking in the sights.

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