Participate in an Original Mystery Solving Game in Asakusa

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Anyone can participate in the original mystery solving game “Asakusa Detective Agency – The secret of the millionaire’s letters”, exclusive to MIMARU Asakusa Station! 
Have an exciting day searching Asakusa for clues that children and adults alike will enjoy. 

Available Hotels: MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station 
Game entry fee: 1,500JPY (Tax included) 
Available hours:  
  ・For individuals without a reservation: Anytime (sold inside the Family Mart on the first floor) 
  ・For guests: Anytime  (sold inside the hotel)
    *Reservations are not needed 
How to participate: Get a starter kit at the vending machine inside the hotel or at the Family Mart. 
Time required: 2 to 3 hours (approximate play time) 
A special mystery trial is available for guests who stay at our hotel!  

Experience the mystery together with family and friends  

A real mystery solving game that takes you to all the famous sightseeing spots in Asakusa: “Asakusa Detective Agency – The secret of the millionaire’s letters”. Let the historical atmosphere inspire you to solve the riddles! 

Solve the codes and mysteries that the game-guide scroll provides in order to get closer to the truth one step at a time. An exciting treasure hunt for family and friends that tests body and mind. 

Become a detective in Asakusa and solve the mystery! 

Everyone who participates will feel like a famous detective. You have been assigned to solve the mystery of the millionaire’s letters in Asakusa. 

The game will take about 2 to 3 hours. Really get to know the city while the game sends you on a hunt for clues hidden at sightseeing spots, in billboards and landscapes. 

There is no time limit, so feel free to solve the mystery at your own pace. You can thoroughly explore the sightseeing spots the game’s story will take you to one by one. Enjoy a new and exciting way to explore the city! 

Take a stroll through Asakusa, where old meets new and a discovery waits around every corner.  

Participate by buying a mystery game kit from the vending machine. 

Just purchase a mystery game kit from the vending machine in MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station to participate in the game. Reservations are not required, and individuals without hotel reservations are allowed to use the vending machine. 

Guests who stay one night or more can use the vending machine anytime. Those who are not staying at MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station will be able to purchase a game kit during the front desk hours of operation (7:00-22:00). 

Test your skills! Can you solve the mystery before the main story ends? 

Try your hand at the 4 tricky questions we prepared before the main story! 

First trial question

Second trial question

Third trial question

Fourth trial question

Become the main character of this immersive detective story, all while exploring the ins and outs of Asakusa! A unique way of sightseeing for children and adults alike. 
Experience the traditional and modern side of Asakusa.

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MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station
MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station
MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station

MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station

A one-minute walk from Asakusa Station. Rooms with beautiful views of the Sumida River available. The perfect location to enjoy Asakusa, the leading tourist destination in Tokyo.
  • Western-Style
  • Bunk bed
  • Scenic View
  • Theater Room
  • Two-Bedroom
  • ~4 guests
  • ~6 guests
  • ~8 guests
From Asakusa Station Number 4 Exit (Ginza Line) ・・・ 1-minute walk

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