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“Shopping, sightseeing, and traveling are all fun, but we want a little break.”

If that strikes a chord with you, why not enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee in the hotel lobby?


 You will find a specialty coffee stand on the second floor of MIMARU SUITES Tokyo Nihombashi supervised by Shuichi Sasaki, the first Japanese person to win the World AeroPress Championship.



Enjoy a relaxed coffee time in a Japanese-style atmosphere.

The speciality coffee offered uses rare beans that make up less than 5% of all coffee beans, and each regional variety boasts its own unique flavor profile through strict managment and a thorough traceability.

The owner himself supervises the bean roasting at his roastery within the city, drawing out their intrinsic fruity flavors to bring coffee drinkers a light, clean taste free of harsh notes.

The AeroPress extraction method allows you to enjoy the flavors within the specialty coffee to the fullest.

The pressure-induced extraction brings out the true flavor of the beans.

The beans offered always come from several different regions and change monthly.

The different fruity and floral flavors allow you to experience the changing of seasons.

The dedicated baristas painstakingly serve each cup with meticulous attention to each gram of coffee beans and every second brewed.

The cups into which the filter coffee is poured are Minoyaki or Mino ware, a traditional Japanese pottery with a long history, and are exclusive to the NIHOMBASHI branch. 

Because the cups have a wider mouth than the traditional coffee cup, the coffee spreads fully across all your tastebuds, allowing you to experience the full range of flavors.

You can enjoy it similarly to drinking green tea, and it matches well with a Japanese-style atmosphere.

PASSAGE offers morning set items as well. 

Outside of black coffee, there are also lattes and baked goods that compliment the coffee.

The baked goods are additive-free, so children can also enjoy them without concern. You can relax and enjoy everything together with your whole family.

PASSAGE COFFEE NIHOMBASHI is open to hotel guests and passerby alike. 

Why not incorporate the specialty coffee curated by a world champion into your everyday life and take the time to enjoy Tokyo’s unique coffee culture at MIMARU SUITES Tokyo Nihombashi?

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MIMARU SUITES Tokyo Nihombashi
MIMARU SUITES Tokyo Nihombashi
MIMARU SUITES Tokyo Nihombashi

MIMARU SUITES Tokyo Nihombashi

  • Western-Style
  • Two-Bedroom
  • ~4 guests
  • ~5 guests
  • ~6 guests
From Ningyocho Station Exit A4 ・・・ 2-minute walk

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