[Important Notice] Notice regarding the delivery of messages leading to personal data phishing sites

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The accommodations reservation information management system (hereinafter, management system) provided by Booking.com and the one used at our official website, was accessed illegally, and a message was sent to MIMARU Tokyo Ikebukuro guests regarding their reservations and trying to direct them to a phishing site.
In addition, it is possible that guests’ personal information stored in the management systems was viewed by a third party.

We do not use emails or chats on our reservation site to ask for guests’ credit card information or prompt payments.

If you receive any suspicious e-mails from Booking.com please do not access any included links, files, or make any payments through said emails. Further, please contact Booking.com directly or the hotel if you do not recognize the content of any suspicious emails.

We are alerting guests who were sent the suspicious message and are improving cyber security at all MIMARU facilities.
We offer our sincerest apologies for the trouble and concern that this has caused our guests.

*“Phishing site” refers to a fake website that utilizes fraudulent methods to steal personal information, credit card numbers, etc., disguised as an actual website.

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