Guest Rooms

Are all rooms non-smoking?

Yes, all rooms are non-smoking. However, we have a smoking area at each hotel.

Do you have connecting rooms available at your hotels?

Connecting rooms are available at some branches.

I booked 2 rooms and would like them to be assigned beside one another. Is that possible?

When booking, please make a note in the comments section requesting to be assigned adjacently. We will do our best to meet your request, but please understand that this may not be possible depending on hotel occupancy.

Do children count towards room capacity?

An additional two children ages six and younger may reside in the same room past room capacity.

What kinds of rental items do you have?

  • Kitchen: rice cookers, toasters, peelers, knife sharpeners, etc.

  • Living Area: iron & iron boards, extension cords, vacuums, etc.

Rental items vary among MIMARU branches.
For more details, contact the hotel directly.

What amenities do you provide?

Every room comes with a hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, as well as face and hand wash.

※Please bring toothbrush and slippers.

What type of room cleaning services do you provide?

*As MIMARU is an apartment-style hotel, our cleaning services may differ from other hotels. Please see the details below.

Cleaning during your stay

Towels will be changed, garbage will be collected and liquid supplies in the room will be replenished every day during your stay.
Counting from your check-in date, we will change the sheets, beds will be made and rooms will be vacuumed on the 4th, 7th and 10th day of your stay. After that, sheets will be changed, beds will be made and rooms will be vacuumed every 3 days.

*Additional cleaning is available for a fee. Please ask hotel staff for details.
*The cleaning service may differ for long-term stays. Please contact the hotel for details.

Are there workout facilities at your hotels?

Workout facilities are available at select MIMARU branches. For more details, check out the Services page of each hotel on our website.

Do you have any laundry facilities?

Laundry facilities are available at each hotel and within the guest rooms at select MIMARU branches.

Are there any convenience stores or supermarkets close to your hotels?

All MIMARU hotels are located near major train stations within the city and are close to both convenient stores as well as supermarkets. For more details, please contact the hotel directly.


What internet services do you provide?

Every room comes equipped with free Wi-Fi.

※Wi-Fi login details are available at check-in.

Do you provide luggage storage options before check-in and upon check out?

We can keep your luggage for you during the front desk hours of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the day of your check-in or check-out.
Some facilities charge for luggage storage on the day of check-out.
In addition, there is a fee for luggage storage if you need us to take care of your luggage outside of the specified condition above.
Please contact each hotel for details, including storage fees, as there is a limit to the amount of luggage that can be stored.
Please note that valuables, fragile items, and food cannot be accepted for storage.

Do you provide luggage shipping services?

It is possible to send us your luggage in advance before your check-in date. Please be sure to send any luggage using the same name of your hotel reservation. We may not be able to confirm your luggage if it was sent using the name of one of your travel companions instead.
Additionally, there will be a charge if you want us to keep any luggage before your check-in date.
Please contact each hotel directly for details such as storage fees.
Note that we cannot store valuables, fragile items, or food items.

Do you offer baby crib rental services?

For child safety reasons, we only provide free baby crib services for infants ages 2 below. If you wish to reserve a crib, please make a note on your reservation in the comments section when booking. Please understand in advance that we have a limited number of cribs at each facility.

Do you have bed guards available at your facility for toddlers?

For child safety reasons, we only provide free bed guard services for children ages 2 over. If you wish to reserve a bed guard, please make a note on your reservation in the comments section when booking. Please understand in advance that we have a limited number of cribs at each facility.

Do you provide newspaper delivery services?

No, we do not provide this service.

Is there a humidifier available in each room?

We provide a two-in-one air purifying humidifier in each guest room.

I have a nursing infant who is still on baby formula. Is there a way for me to heat water in my room?

There is an electric kettle available in each guest room.

Dining Services

Do you provide breakfast services?

Breakfast services are available at select MIMARU branches. At locations where it is not offered, we can provide you with cafe and restaurant information in the vicinity of the hotel.

Does each hotel have a restaurant?

No, there are no restaurants within our hotels. Please inquire at the hotel reception for dining recommendations in the vicinity of the hotel. Guests are permitted to use food delivery and take-out services at our hotels.

Do you provide room service?

No, we do not provide room service. Please inquire at the hotel reception for dining recommendations in the vicinity of the hotel. Guests are permitted to use food delivery and take-out services at our hotels.

Transportation Information

Are there parking lots at your facilities?

No, there are no parking lots available at our hotels. However, we recommend using public transport, as every MIMARU branch is located conveniently and is easily accessible from major stations. If you plan on arriving by car, please park it at a paid parking lot within the vicinity of the hotel. For more parking information, check out the Nearby facilities page of each hotel on our website.

What kinds of transportation options are available from the airport to the hotel?

For specific details, please check the webpage for each hotel on our official website.

Do you provide shuttle bus services from the airport to your hotels?

No, we do not provide shuttle bus services.

How do you get from the station to your hotel?

For directions, check out the Route search section of each hotel on our website.

Accommodation Policies

Are minors allowed to book and stay at MIMARU hotels without being accompanied by an adult?

For minors wishing to stay at our hotels, we require your parent(s) or guardian(s) to fill out and sign our Consent Form for Underage Accommodation using a touchscreen device.
The personal information you provide will be limited to the sole purpose of receiving the consent of your parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

※The above form will require the use of a touchscreen device. If you do not own a device with touchscreen capabilities, please click here to download and print our consent form, then have it signed by a parent or guardian.

What time is check-in/check out?

  • Check In : From 3:00 PM

  • Check Out : Till 11:00 AM

There will be additional fees for check-ins and check-out outside of the above hours. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on room availability.

What is your cancellation policy?

The standard cancellation policy is detailed in the Accommodation Contract. However, the cancellation policy may differ depending on the plan. Please confirm your cancellation policy when you book.

Can I check in before the person who booked the reservation does?

Yes, please provide us with the name on the reservation when checking in. However, please understand that we will be required to confirm the identity of anyone checking in late.

Best rate

Conditions involving our best rate

We guarantee our best rate when the below conditions apply:

  • Same hotel

  • Same accommodation plan

  • Same reservation dates

  • Same number of individuals on the reservation

  • Same room type

  • Same services, sales conditions, and cancellation policy

Caution Regarding Our Best Rate

We guarantee our best rate (lowest price) at the time of booking when comparing the prices on our official webpage to other online booking agents under the exact same booking criteria.

※Conditions are not applicable in the case of sales transitions not directly made with the hotel, such as auctions, travel agencies/travel agents, individual sales, etc.
※In the case that the accommodation fee differs for two bookings with the same room capacity, the two bookings are treated as differing room types.
※If you encounter a cheaper price on another webpage, upon completing your booking on our official webpage, please email the hotel facility within 24 hours of booking. Be sure to include a screenshot which lists the accommodation fee (tax included).

About the Membership/Points Program

Please tell me how to register as a member.

Click either the Login/Sign Up button on the Members Rate of the search results screen or the Login button located at the top right of the search results screen followed by the Sign Up button on the following screen. Then, put in your name, email address, and a password.

What are the membership benefits?

【Benefit 1】5% off the Best Rate Plan
【Benefit 2】Earn 1,000 points for each night you stay

I don't have an email address. Can I still become a member?

An email address is necessary to sign up for the membership program.

I want to update the information I registered with.

You can change your registered information from the My Account (Membership Page).

I want to change my email address.

You can change your registered information from the My Account (Membership Page).

I forgot my password.

Forgotten passwords can be reset from the "Forgotten Password" link on the login screen

Is it possible to update registered information over the phone?

Changes to your registered information cannot be made via phone call. Please make any changes from the My Account (Membership Page) screen.

Do you have membership terms and conditions?

Check here for the Terms of Membership

My account has been locked. What should I do?

If a password is entered incorrectly 6 times, the account will be temporarily locked for 1 hour. Once the account has been unlocked, please reset your password via the 「Forgotten Password」link on the login screen.

How can I proceed with the cancellation of my membership?

If you would like to cancel your membership, please follow the instructions below:
1.Log in to your account.
2.Click on the "My Account" tab.
3.Click on the "Cancel Membership" button at the bottom of the page.

Are reservations made on other third-party internet booking sites eligible for the membership program?

This membership program does not apply to reservations made through other reservation websites. Please register as a member and make your reservation through MIMARU's official website.

When do I receive points?

Points will be added to your account 3 days after you check out. They will expire 2 years after your check-out date. Expired points will be automatically deducted.

Where can I check my points balance?

For details about your accumulated points, please check the My Account (Membership Page).

Please explain how to use points.

To use points, log in to your member account. Once you have decided on an accommodation plan or room and click "Book," you will be taken to the guest details screen. If you have points available to use, there will be a line here to enter the number of points you wish to use.

Can I use points after making a reservation?

Points cannot be applied after making a reservation. If you would like to use your points, please cancel your reservation and remake it with points applied.

Is it possible to transfer points to others?

Points cannot be transferred.

What happens if I cancel a reservation made using points?

In the event a reservation with points applied is canceled, the points will not be deducted and will be readded to the available total. However, if the points are past their expiration date when the reservation is canceled, they will not be readded.

Is it possible to combine discounts?

Promo codes can still be applied after using the membership discount and/or points.

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