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Frequently Asked Questions


Room FAQ

Is it possible to smoke in the guest rooms?

All rooms are Non-smoking.
There is a smoking space, so please smoke there.

Do you have connecting rooms?

Depending on the hotel, it may be available.

I have booked 2 rooms. Can you make them next to each other?

Please fill in "Request for next room" in the "Request column" at the time of booking.
Please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on availability.

Are children included in the number of guests?

Tokyo: Children 6 and under are not included in the maximum number of guests.
Kyoto: Children 12 and under are not included in the maximum number of guests.

Please tell me the rental equipment.

[Kitchen] Rice cooker, Toaster, slicer, knife sharpener
[Living room] Iron, Iron board, extension cord, Vacuum cleaner, blanket
I prepared it. If you wish, the number is limited, so please tell us as soon as possible.

Are there room amenities?

Hair dryer, Toothbrush sets, cotton and cotton swabs, shampoo, rinses, body soap and face and hand soap are available in the guest rooms.

Will you clean it every day?

There is no cleaning service.
However, for those who wish, bath towel, face towel, bath mat and trash in the trash can be replaced.
In addition, bed makeup and room cleaning are once every 3 days.
* Additional room cleaning and linen replacement are available at an extra charge.

Do you have fitness?

There is no preparation in the hall.

Do you have a Laundry service?

The hotel has a Laundry room or a washing machine in the guest room.

Is there a convenience store or supermarket nearby?

Nearby sightseeing page"Please refer to.

FAQ about services

Can I use the Internet?

All rooms have free Wi-Fi.
* The Wi-Fi password is provided in the guest room.

Do you rent baby cots?

There is (1000 yen / night).
If you would like, please write "Crib rental hope" in the "Request column".
Please note that the number is limited.
In addition, from the aspect of safety, you must be under 1 year old.

Please put on a bed guard because there are infants.

Yes (free).
If you wish, please fill in "Request for Bedguard" in the "Request column".
Please note that the number is limited.

Do you have newspaper delivery?

There is not.

Do you have a humidifier?

Humidified air purifiers are installed in all rooms.

Some babies need milk. Do you boil water in your room?

An Electric kettle is provided in the room.

FAQ about access

Is there a parking lot?

There is no parking. Please use public transportation. If you use a car, please park in a nearby coin parking.

What are the modes of transportation to the airport?

For more information,Hotel List PagePlease confirm with.

Is there a shuttle service to the airport?

Sorry, we do not provide a shuttle service to the airport.

Please tell me how to get from the station.

For each hotel site,Access / neighborhood mapPlease confirm with.

FAQ about meals

Do you have breakfast service?

Breakfast service is not available. Guide to nearby coffee shops and cafes.

Do you have a restaurant?

There is no restaurant.
Introduces restaurants around the area and provides on-site delivery services.

Do you have room service?

I'm sorry. Room service is not available.
Introduces restaurants around the area and provides on-site delivery services.

FAQ about accommodation

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in time is 3:00 PM.
Check out time is 11:00 A.M.

What are the cancellation rules?

Please refer to the accommodation agreement at the bottom of this site for cancellation policy.

Can the accompanying person check in first?

You can check-in, please tell us the name of the reservation person.
However, please note that we will confirm the identity of those who come late.

Can I store my luggage before check-in and after check-out?

We accept. Please tell us at the front desk.
* We do not accept valuables, broken items, and raw items.

Best Rate FAQ

Best rate conditions

The best rate will be guaranteed if the following conditions are met.
Same hotel
Same accommodation plan
Same day of stay
Same number of guests
Same room type
Same service, sales conditions, cancellation conditions

Supplement on best rate conditions

It is the best rate (lowest price) at the time of booking when comparing the official website and the internet reservation site of another company under the same conditions.
* The conditions are not applicable when the sales amount is for transactions not involving the hotel, such as auctions, sales by travel agents / travel agents, individual sales, etc.
* Even if the capacity is the same, but the charges are different, they are treated as different room types.
* If you confirm the cheap price on another website after completing the reservation from the official website, please email the captured image of the screen that shows the target tax amount within 24 hours after making the reservation to the facility by email .

Hotel Room Introduction

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