Hotel stay, rickshaw and kimono! Enjoy the charm of Tokyo and Asakusa with this special room plan in collaboration with the event agency Jidaiya!

Press Release

Starting from 15.12.2021, you can immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture with a special room plan that features a rental kimono and a 30-minute rickshaw ride at MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa STATION. The plan was realized in collaboration with Asakusa’s most popular and well-established cultural event agency Jidaiya. The rickshaw guide will not only take you to the most important sight-seeing spots, but also show you some of the more hidden, beautiful scenery. The kimono rental service will be carried out by Jidaiya, only a 2–3-minute walk from the hotel. Afterwards, you can enjoy sightseeing with your family and friends, without having to carry around luggage that would get in the way. Discover the charm of Tokyo together on a rickshaw or while wearing an authentic Japanese kimono and make memories that will last a lifetime.

MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa STATION is only a 1-minute walk away from Asakusa Station, and features rooms that overlook the scenic Sumida River. On our roof terrace you can take in Asakusa’s skyline and pose for an awesome photo in front of our original wall-art inspired by traditional Japanese wood print artwork (Ukiyo-e).
The hotel is in one of the most convenient spots for sightseeing in all of Tokyo. Step out the door and immerse yourself in your Tokyo adventure.

■ Rickshaw plan
You can freely arrange the course to your taste!
On the day of your reservation please talk to the Jidaiya staff about your desired route.
Basic courses
Eastern town (30 minutes)
MIMARU → Kaminarimon → Water-bus stop → Sumida Park → Denboin Street →
Bentenyama → Toki no Kane (Bell Tower) → Nitenmon → Asakusa Shrine → Sensoji Temple → MIMARU
Western town (30 minutes)
MIMARU → Kaminarimon → Tanuki Street → Rokuku Street → Asakusa Performing Arts Hall →
Hanayashiki → Asakusa Public Hall →Mikoshi Neighbourhood → MIMARU

*In case of reservation for more than two guests, you will depart in two rickshaws.
*The rickshaw features a foldable roof and will depart even during rain. The tour will proceed extra cautious to not get the passengers wet.
*You can leave you luggage at the front desk until 21:00 on your check-out day.

■  Rental kimono plan
There is a wide range of patterns available to suit guests of all ages. Perfect for families!
*Putting on the kimono will take about 20-30 minutes per person.
*There are kimonos available for children of three years and up.
*You can leave your luggage at Jidaiya until 13:70 on the day of your reservation.

■ How to make a reservation
Available from 15th December 2021
Hotel: MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa STATION
Address: Tokyo, Taito-ku, Kaminarimon 2-20-4
Access: 1-minute walk from Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) or
2-minte walk from Asakusa Station (Toei Asakusa Line)
Hotel homepage:
① Make a room reservation through our website.
② Contact "Jidaiya" and make a reservation for the rickshaw or kimono plan.
* Please call Jidaiya before 17:00 the day before your check-in date.
* Plan is also available on your check-out date.
③ Receive the plan ticket when you check-in to MIMARU.
④ Hand over the ticket to Jidaiya at the reserved time.
* Please note that if you do not make a reservation in advance, you may be asked to change your desired time or you may not be able to make a reservation.
* Please check the accommodation plan for other details.

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