Apartment Hotel MIMARU New Brand Message Announcement ~ “Unwinding time. Endearing ties.”~

Press Release

Cosmos Hotel Management Co., Ltd., which operates Apartment Hotel MIMARU where you can stay with all your family and friends in spacious rooms equipped with a kitchen, is pleased to announce the development of a new brand message. 

MIMARU operates 28 facilities between Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto and boasts a diverse staff from 32 countries and regions, all with different cultures and experiences to welcome guests. MIMARU offers a new way to travel in Japan and has received high praise from guests from all over the world for its customer service. 

The difficulty of the coronavirus pandemic gave us the opportunity to reexamine our core values. In this age of easily accessible information from all over the world, we would like to present our new brand message to our guests, staff, and stakeholders about what travel experience we would like our guests to have and what value MIMARU alone can offer. 

MIMARU aims to be closer with guests to support them in closing the distance with those they meet in their travels and deepening their ties with the locations they visit. The brand message of “Unwinding time. Endearing ties.” was chosen to capture this newly defined goal. “Unwinding” has a nuance that words like “relaxing” and “comfortable” cannot express. It embodies a deeper level of guests being able to freely be themselves while spending time with the people and locations they encounter on their trip. “Endearing” was chosen for its meaning of carrying affection and fondness for something. We at MIMARU hope that the fond memories of our guests’ trips to Japan will remain a source of affection long after they’ve left, ensuring lifelong bonds despite the fleeting nature of a trip.  

■ The official MIMARU website has been updated to match the new brand message! 

To more clearly illustrate our vision of a stay in Japan, new scenes and visuals have been introduced on the official website to express the brand message. 

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