【Opening Celebration・Free Accommodation Event Invitation】 MIMARU Kyoto’s 100 Dream Stories – We are awaiting your event entry! MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central Grand Opening on June 1, 2023

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【Opening Celebration・Free Accommodation Event Invitation】 MIMARU Kyoto’s 100 Dream Stories – We are awaiting your event entry! 

MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central Grand Opening on June 1, 2023 

Please tell us how you want to unlock your Kyoto with everyone in 85 square meter rooms with 2-3 bedrooms in Karasuma Oike! 

The grand opening of MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central, an apartment hotel of 85 square meter suite-type rooms with 2-3 bedrooms each, is on June 1, 2023. 
MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central is located in the heart of Kyoto, a mere 3-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station. It features spacious 85 square meter rooms, complete with a kitchen, dining rooms, tatami space, and two or more bathrooms. 
To commemorate the grand opening, we are collecting stories about people’s dreams for spending time in Kyoto with their loved ones through our MIMARU Kyoto’s 100 Dream Stories “Kyoto with Everyone” event. Winners will be invited for a free stay in Kyoto in June when the hydrangeas are at their most beautiful. Whether you wanted to enjoy Kyoto someday, experience cultural events with your friends, experience a stay with your family akin to actually living in Kyoto, or if you wanted to visit the World Heritage sites in the surrounding cities using Kyoto as a base, MIMARU can help make your dreams come true. 

MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central Grand Opening’s MIMARU Kyoto’s 100 Dream Stories Event   
1.100 lucky winners (20–30 groups of travelers) will be invited to MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central for a free trial stay. 
2.Trial stay winners will post photos and comments on Instagram of their time spent in Kyoto with their family and friends. 
3.Your Kyoto "story" will be published on the special "My MIMARU #100 Stories" page. 
●How to enter: Please fill out "How I dream of spending time in Kyoto with everyone'" and other necessary information on the application page below. The deadline for application is Sunday, May 14th. URL: https://mimaruhotels.com/jp/news/central 
●Trial stay details: 2 nights and 3 days from Thursday, June 1st to Sunday, July 2nd (Sunday), 2023. 3 to 6 people per room per group.

Why MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central? 

  • The Karasuma Oike area is an ideal base for sightseeing in Kyoto:Located in the heart of Kyoto with two subway lines available, Kyoto Station, World Heritage sites, and popular shrines and temples are easily accessible from this location. It is a popular area lined with new cafés and shops. 
  • All rooms are suite-type and feature two or more bedrooms:Whether traveling with family or friends, you will be able to enjoy some privacy in MIMARU SUITES’s spacious rooms. Enjoy your dream stay without compromising on your own needs.  
  • Spacious rooms of 85 square meters:You can enjoy cooking with local ingredients in the kitchen or order takeout and use the spacious dining room at your leisure. Relax in the tatami space, have some tea, stretch your legs, and enjoy your stay your way.

■About MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central 

The MIMARU SUITES series suite-style rooms all feature two or more bedrooms for privacy. Among them, MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central has the most spacious rooms at 85 square meters. Inside the rooms are a kitchen, dining area, tatami space, and two or more bedrooms. With this setup, you can enjoy spending time together with everyone in the living area while still enjoying your own retreat away, regardless of whether you come with family, friends, or those who share your interests. MIMARU SUITES is a new hotel where you can enjoy your travels to your heart’s content. 

●Suites (also: suite rooms): A spacious room type consisting of a bedroom or bedrooms and a living room. “Suite” denotes a set. 

1. A room with separate spaces for having fun with everyone and privacy. 

All rooms are suite-type and have a living, kitchen, dining, and tatami area in addition to 2-3 bedrooms. Large groups can have fun in one room together while also being able to enjoy their own private spaces.  

Specious Living Room
Specious Living Room
Flexible Tatami Space
Flexible Tatami Space
Separate Bedroms
Separate Bedroms

2. Designed for comfortable, home-like medium- to long-term stays. 

The kitchen is stocked with tableware and cooking utensils so that you can cook using local ingredients or get takeout or delivery from the popular restaurants in the area, enjoying what the locality has to offer to the fullest. The rooms feature 2 bathrooms as well as a washing machine, so you can take leisurely baths or do laundry, spending time as you would in your own home. 

Kitchen and Dinning Area
Kitchen and Dinning Area
Choose your Meal Style
Choose your Meal Style
Vanity and Washing Mchine
Vanity and Washing Mchine

3. Spacious rooms for 4-6 people at a reasonable price for groups. 
Because the room price does not change based on the number of people staying, groups can stay at a great price*. We have implemented a cost performance level that balances the spaciousness of a suite hotel room, meals, and sightseeing capability. 
*Pricing varies by facility, room type, and day. For details, please visit the MIMARU official website. 
■ An Overview of MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central 

MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central has a total of 19 85 square meter suite-type rooms, all of which have two or more bedrooms. The types and available number of rooms are: 1 Premium Two-Bedroom Suite (capacity of 4 people), 16 Two-Bedroom Suites (capacity of 4 people), and 2 Three-Bedroom Japanese Suites with tatami space and futons provided (capacity of 6 people). Located in a coveted area in the heart of Kyoto a mere 3-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station, MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central is also within walking distance of Nijo Castle, the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and Nishiki Market, which is known as the kitchen of Kyoto. The easy access to subway and private railway stations also makes it convenient for sightseeing in nearby cities such as Osaka, Nara, and Shiga. For those desiring longer stays, we also offer weekly and monthly plans*. Additionally, because many guests from overseas travel between Tokyo and Kyoto, we plan to make travel between the two cities easier by offering a free luggage delivery service limited to and between the MIMARU SUITES Tokyo and Kyoto hotels for carry-on bags and other like luggage. 

*Planned as of April 2023. Prices vary by room type and date. Please visit the MIMARU official website for details. 

MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central Facility Overview 
Address: 154-3 Nagahama-cho, Korotana-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto  
Access: 3-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line/Karasuma Line  
11-minute walk from Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line  
Facility: 10 floors above ground, 19 guest rooms  
Opening: Thursday, June 1, 2023  
Total floor area: 1,944.60 square meters  
Website: https://mimaruhotels.com/en/hotel/suites-kyoto-central/

■MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central Grand Opening’s MIMARU Kyoto’s 100 Dream Stories Event 
■Application Guidelines 
●Trial hotel: MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central 
●Trial stay date: Earliest check-in is on Thursday, June 1, 2023. Latest check-out is on Sunday, July 2, 2023. 
●Trial stay conditions: Accommodation for 3 to 6 people in each group, up to 2 nights and 3 days (guests can join a stay in progress on any day). 
MIMARU is not responsible for transport expenses to and from the hotel.  
■Application conditions: 
●All travel group members will be required to post content about the trip on their Instagram feeds. It is also possible to post for multiple people from the same account instead. 
●The post(s) should include photos of your time in Kyoto and general impressions of your trip. 
●Please note that the submitted content might be showcased on a special event page on our official website, and may be used for other marketing purposes such as announcements, SNS reposts, etc.  
●Application Deadline: May 14 (Sun), 2023 
●Application Method: Please enter the necessary information on the application page below.  
●"How I dream of spending time in Kyoto with everyone." 
●Guest names, ages, relationship to the submission representative  
●Instagram account name 
●Other information necessary for reservation 
●Announcement of winners: Only winners (chosen via lottery) will be contacted by May 19 (Wednesday), 2023. 

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