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#Diversity of people and work styles
#Diversity of people and work styles

Our company has been certified as "advanced" at the "D&I Awards 2022" (sponsored by JobRainbow Co., Ltd.), which certifies and rewards companies that put forth effort into diversity and inclusion (D&I).
The D&I Award is Japan's largest award issued to companies that engage in D&I. Based on an evaluation index spanning 100 items, the calculated "Diversity Score" consists of five categories: [Gender] [Childcare/Nursing Care] [Disabled] [Multiculturality] [LGBT].
We certify by rank (Beginner, Standard, Advanced, Best Workplace).
We have set "diversity in people and work styles" as one of three goals that we aim to achieve through sustainability initiatives. This year, we applied for the certification, not only to measure the D&I status of our company by objective scopes that clarify our strengths but also to identify our weaknesses.
According to the evaluation results, our company's strengths lie in "multiculturality," but it became clear that there were categories where we need to put in more effort, which we will try to do going forward.
Our evaluation results
・ Among Japanese domestic companies, our D&I level is advanced and we are leading the development of D&I in Japan as a role model.
・ At the same time, we are conducting a wide range of multifaceted initiatives and have fostered a corporate culture in which each employee respects D&I, and we are already working on additional reforms.
Our efforts going forward
The first of our five company guidelines is "Embrace one another." We strive to create a work environment where employees from various countries and cultures can understand, recognize, and embrace the individuality and strengths of each other. As part of our internal activities that raise awareness about D&I, we regularly conduct D&I workshops for all employees to foster understanding among employees by providing them time to understand the differences between each other through various situations based on actual examples within the company.
In addition, we have established an environment where working with colleagues of different backgrounds is smooth and unproblematic through various support systems such as employment support for foreign employees, translation of documents and materials, and recruitment not only from within Japan but also from overseas.
We will implement more initiatives to accelerate our D&I efforts.

About the D&I Award 2022 (JP)
Our Principles
1. Embrace one another
2. Create the unexpected
3. Create opportunities for personal growth
4. Support your coworkers during their challenges
5. Nurture relationships through trust

Working Scenes
Working Scenes

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