Ethical Stay Plan at MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka

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A sustainable hotel experience

This plan will be available at MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka starting March 8, 2021, and incorporates dried flowers provided by RIN to decorate the room. RIN is a florist which aims to reduce plant waste by creating floral decorations from dried flowers, which in turn extends their shelf life and enjoyment.

During their stay, guests who book our Ethical Stay Plan will learn about sustainable practices, as the walls are adorned with elegantly preserved flowers which would have normally been disposed of instead of repurposed. Especially during these trying times, we highly recommend this room to those looking for a safe space to escape to for a bit of relaxation. MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka is conveniently located in the city center, and our spacious rooms are the perfect place to unwind

Not only is our Ethical Stay room plan bursting with greenery, while staying at MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka, you can also enjoy our roof terrace to get a bit of fresh air. Sit back and relax as you take in the sights and sounds of Tokyo from above. 

■ About Our Ethical Stay Plan 
This plan was inspired by the sudden shift in our daily lives as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
People worldwide had to find new ways to live fulfilling lives while facing the stress of being confined to their homes. 
This caused many to adopt more sustainable practices, such as eating and shopping locally. 
Thus, the Ethical Stay Plan was born to satisfy this need in an environmentally friendly way.

Our Ethical Stay Plan at MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka was designed with three concepts in mind: to provide a safe space indoors, to create a relaxing environment filled with greenery, and to provide a space surrounded by nature to unwind. In addition, all our spacious rooms at MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka feature completely furnished kitchens and dining areas. Those who aren’t in a cooking mood are able to get food delivered directly to the hotel, or our staff can recommend some great restaurants in the local area.

Take a look at our various Ethical Stay room design concepts and themes:

① 【Roots of the Earth】(Theme:Self-introspection)

② 【Intertwining Vines】(Theme:Mutual recognition)

③ 【In Full Bloom】(Theme:Sublimination)

Head up to the roof terrace to get a bit of fresh air among greenery.

Participating Hotels:MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka

Plan Availability:March 8 ~ June 30, 2021

※Plan limited to 3 rooms <max. room capacity: 4 individuals>

※Plan availability and decorations are subject to change. Please click the above URL for more details.

Cherry Blossom Viewing at MIMARU

Since many cherry blossom viewing events have been canceled across Japan, join us at MIMARU Kyoto Shinmachi Sanjo or any Tokyo MIMARU facility from March 12 〜 April 18, 2021 to view live blossoms throughout our hotels and within our guest rooms.
※Cherry blossom displays vary amongst hotels.

Location: Tokyo, Shibuya; Owner: Haruka Kawashima

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