「KURO-GO」Service Launched to Help Alleviate Inconvenience for Families Visiting Japan ~First Initiative: Same-Day Luggage Delivery Service Now Available Between MIMARU Tokyo Locations and Haneda/Narita Airports~

Press Release

Cosmos Hotel Management Co., Ltd., which operates the apartment hotel MIMARU, is pleased to announce the launch of the KURO-GO service aimed at alleviating the inconveniences faced by families from abroad visiting Japan. As the first initiative, we will be launching a highly requested same-day luggage delivery service on May 24, 2024 between each MIMARU hotel in Tokyo (hereafter referred to as “MIMARU Tokyo”) and Haneda/Narita Airport. As part of the KURO-GO launch campaign, we will be offering a sale where guests can receive a 20% discount on reservations made by June 22st.

With the anticipated increase in travelers from abroad visiting Japan, we aim to ensure that they can enjoy their stay in Japan with less stress and more time to explore. We hope to alleviate the inconvenience for families traveling with young children in particular. Therefore, we are launching the KURO-GO service to help address the needs of families from abroad visiting Japan. 

The first KURO-GO service is a same-day baggage delivery service that has often been requested by MIMARU guests. This service will support comfortable travel by providing same-day baggage delivery between MIMARU Tokyo and Haneda/Narita Airport, making it easier for guests with heavy luggage to enter and leave Japan, to travel by train with children, and to leisurely spend time at sightseeing spots. This service also helps to reduce congestion in the city by encouraging hands-free travel.
After the service is launched in Tokyo in May 2024, the scope of delivery will eventually be expanded to include routes between MIMARU Kyoto/Osaka and Kansai Airport, as well as between the MIMARU Tokyo and MIMARU Kyoto/Osaka hotels, aiming to eliminate the inconvenience of moving luggage from the time of arrival in Japan to the time of departure.
In the future, MIMARU plans to enhance services such as restaurant and ticket reservations, transportation, and services tailored for family trips to meet the needs and wants of MIMARU guests so that they can fully enjoy their stay in Japan to an even higher degree than ever before.

■Outline of「KURO-GO Luggage Delivery」Same-day Baggage Delivery Service
To apply, simply enter the necessary information on the KURO-GO Luggage Delivery service website (available languages: Japanese/English/Chinese). Upon arrival in Japan, your luggage will be checked in at the airport and delivered to the MIMARU where you will be staying. You can then send your luggage from MIMARU to the airport when it’s time to return home. Freely explore and travel from the airport to sightseeing spots and from sightseeing spots to the airport without worrying about luggage.

●Cut-off Time for Same-Day Delivery (Japan standard time)
Reservations: By 6 p.m. the day prior to shipping
Luggage drop-off: Airport – Until 1 p.m. on the day of shipping, Hotel – Until 7:30am on the day of shipping
※JAL ABC Inc. will handle the baggage drop-off/pick-up counter operations at each airport, while Seino Super Express Co., Ltd. will handle delivery between destinations.
4,000 yen per item (tax included)
<Launch Campaign Special Price: 20% OFF>
3,200 yen per item (tax included) for reservations received by 11:59 p.m. (Japan standard time) on June 22, 2024
※Maximum allowed luggage size is up to 180cm (total summation of length, width, and height) and weighing less than 30kg. For other conditions, please refer to the KURO-GO Luggage Delivery service website.
※Please refer to the KURO-GO Luggage Delivery site for application and other details. 


■The meaning behind the name「KURO-GO」
With the guest as the protagonist of the story, the name KURO-GO represents us here at MIMARU shining a light on them from behind the scenes. The image was inspired by the kurogo/kuroko (black robe/black coat) staff members who assist actors in kabuki and other Japanese stage performances. They hand over and put away props, help actors change costumes, and assist them to perform more smoothly. By making the word “GO” independent, we are expressing our intention to actively support MIMARU guests with their problems.
The logo incorporates a design reminiscent of a Japanese seal including the traditional vermillion color with the letters of "KUROGO" hidden within.

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