【Japanese Culture】 Respect for the Aged Day Special Program "On a Journey to Spread Appreciation and Gratitude"

Press Release

Respect for the Aged day is a Japanese national holiday that serves as a day to honor the elders who have served society for many years and celebrate their longevity. It is a day to commemorate the importance of learning from our elders, to show gratitude, to celebrate longevity, and to strengthen the bonds within families and communities. While few countries overseas have holidays similar to Japan's Respect for the Aged Day, there are some customs that are close to it. For example, in the United States, grandchildren send flowers and cards to their grandparents on National Grandparents Day, which falls on the second Sunday in September. In the United Kingdom, people celebrate 100th and 105th birthdays. In Korea, where Confucianism is deeply rooted, October 2 is designated as "Elders‘ Day," and there is a strong sense of respect for elders and superiors in everyday life.
 At MIMARU, where staff from 25 countries and regions around the world are gathered *1, we will introduce this Japanese event to our international guests by helping to deliver message cards. In addition to sharing memories of their trip, we would like to give our guests an opportunity to share gratitude and appreciation for their elder family members.

*1. As of March 2023. 
*2. The event will conclude if our postcard stock is depleted.

〜 Let's send a message card to grandma and grandpa! 〜
From September 1st to September 18th, all MIMARU hotels will provide interesting information on Respect for the Aged Day, information on this event, and original postcards. Postcards with our guests' messages will be sent to their grandparents and loved ones internationally and domestically to celebrate Respect for the Aged Day.

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