#Connections with guests and local communities
#Connections with guests and local communities

At MIMARU, our international guests are welcomed by our international staff. Because our staff members have a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, we are able to offer personalized service to each and every guest.

For example, followers of the Islamic religion make up ¼ of the world, and there are about 200,000 Muslims living in Japan. We support both our Muslim staff members and our Muslim guests by helping them preserve their lifestyles, including customs regarding food and prayers.

Cook and eat worry-free with our in-room kitchens
All MIMARU guest rooms have kitchens with cooking utensils and refrigerators included, so it is easy for our guests to cook and eat with only the ingredients they want. By purchasing local ingredients and cooking according to their own customs, our guests can enjoy Japanese cuisine without worrying about the ingredients in the dish they are eating.

Rental items
All MIMARU hotels offer the following services:
・ Rental of kitchen utensils (kitchen knife, chopping board, some dishes) dedicated to our Muslim guests 
・Rental of prayer mats and qibla compasses

Guide to nearby Muslim-friendly places
Many of our staff eat halal, so feel free to ask them for recommendations.

Workplace environment
We check with each of our staff members individually and allow them to wear special clothing or religious items, as long as it does not interfere with their tasks. We ask staff who need to pray during the day to do so during their break time. In addition, we regularly hold Diversity and Inclusion training sessions, where staff members learn about one another’s thought processes and values through groupwork.

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