Announcement regarding change of reservation system

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Thank you for considering MIMARU hotels for your Japan trip. 
For better usability when booking stays at our hotels, we will change our reservation system on April 4, 2022. We apologize in advance for any difficulties that may result from the changeover. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
◆Regarding current reservations◆ 
Guests who booked their stay before 10:00 on April 4, 2022: 
Your reservation is still valid as booked. Please check in to the hotel as detailed in your reservation. 
Guests who would like to see, cancel, or alter their reservations after 10am on April 4, 2022: 
Reservations that were made on the current (old) reservation system before 10am on April 4, 2022 cannot be seen, canceled, or altered on the new system. 
Click the link below to access the old system and see or cancel your reservation. 
If you wish to alter your reservation, please cancel your reservation on the old system, and make a new reservation on the using the new reservation system. 

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