MIMARU's SDGs -Vol.4 - In Anticipation of World Tourism Day, Our International Guests Were Able to Experience Pulling a Japanese Float at the Akasaka Hikawa Festival!

 World Tourism Day is celebrated in commemoration of the adoption of the WTO Charter, an important milestone in tourism worldwide. Under this charter, tourism is promoted all around the world. 90% of MIMARU's guests come from overseas, and our Japan-loving staff has gathered from 25 countries and regions around the world to welcome them to MIMARU.  

This fall, MIMARU invited its guests to participate together in the Akasaka Hikawa Festival in Tokyo. We prepared a Japanese parade float which many guests helped the staff to pull. It was a unique experience and offered a deeper connection to the local communities around the hotel. In Osaka, MIMARU also introduced the Osaka-made souvenirs called Osaka no eemon to guests along with the creators’ thoughts behind their making. MIMARU Kyoto offered recommendations on shrines and temples, how to get their seals, their symbolic meanings, and, of course, the easiest way to reach these popular sightseeing spots from the hotel. 

MIMARU will continue to contribute to the development of world tourism and mutual cultural exchange and understanding through such activities that tie into the connections with guests and local communities. 

Sustainability page:https://mimaruhotels.com/en/sustainability/

■ Connections with Guests and Local Communities: Activities at MIMARU Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto 

Tokyo: International guests wear happi coats and join residents in pulling parade floats at the Akasaka Hikawa Festival 

This year's festival was held at Hikawa Shrine for three days from September 15 to 17. The festival attracts about 20,000 people to Akasaka every year. Guests staying at MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka were invited to participate in the float parade with residents. 

MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka: https://mimaruhotels.com/hotel/akasaka/ 

Osaka: Introducing the Osaka-made souvenirs called Osaka no eemon together with the creators’ thoughts behind their making 

The Meet with Osaka Products pop-up store was held at MIMARU Osaka Shinsaibashi North from September 11 to 17, selling Osaka-made brands that were endorsed by the Government of Osaka Prefecture. In collaboration with the Osaka Bureau of Industry, this event allowed visitors to try out certified Osaka-made brand products. 

MIMARU Osaka Shinsaibashi North: https://mimaruhotels.com/hotel/shinsaibashi-north/ 

Kyoto:Get information about recommended shrines and temples and their red seals, meanings, and directions at the front desk. 
Goshuin meguri, collecting red seals (goshuin) at shrines and temples, is a popular pastime in Japan, but
it is still unfamiliar to many guests from overseas. At MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central, the front desk staff have visited some of Kyoto's recommended shrines and temples, such as Okazaki Shrine, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, and Uji Shrine, and display the red seals they collected in their seal books. 
MIMARU SUITES Kyoto Central: https://mimaruhotels.com/hotel/suites-kyoto-central/ 


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