Receive duty-free goods during your stay in Japan.Regarding the trial implementation of the “Tax Free Online” service at selected MIMARU facilities

Place an order via smartphone before your departure and pick it up at your hotel

Selected MIMARU hotels will introduce a trial of “Tax Free Online”, an online service that allows overseas guests visiting Japan to easily purchase and receive tax-free items. 

What is “Tax Free Online”?

“Tax Free Online” is an inbound e-commerce service provided by iEnt inc. (Head office: Shibuya, Tokyo; President Tomohito Omori). It allows foreign visitors to Japan to place orders before or during their trip, and receive the products at their accommodation, airport or local duty-free store during their stay.
※This service is only available to Japanese non-residents such as foreign tourists.
 (Non-residents: Foreigners who have been in Japan for less than 6 months, or Japanese residents who have left Japan and have been living overseas for more than 2 years and are temporarily returning for less than 6 months)

Features of “Tax Free Online”

1)Enjoy a wide variety of duty-free items
A wide variety of duty-free items can be purchased, including confectionary, miscellaneous goods, clothing and regional products from various regions of Japan. Payment can be done by credit card or other e-money payment methods.
※Depending on some payment methods, a deposit will be charged at the time of order.

2)Use your limited time during travels more efficiently
You can place orders online any time before or during your trip, so you can cut short your time for shopping during the day and fully enjoy sightseeing without having to carry around a large amount of luggage. Duty-free procedures of purchased items can be done by smartphone.
※This service is also available for purchase and pickup by persons accompanying the guest who made the initial reservation.

Participating Hotels (Four hotels in Tokyo)

・MIMARU Tokyo Ueno North
・MIMARU Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi
・MIMARU Tokyo Shinjuku West
・MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori

Product Categories

※Limit on purchased products: Up to 500,000 yen

“Tax Free” Movie Guide

At our participating MIMARU hotels, you will be able to pick up, pay for, and receive tax-free merchandise purchased through “Tax Free Online”. For more information regarding “Tax Free Online”, such as terms and conditions, purchase methods, products, returns, etc., please visit or contact the following website.
*Pickup service at MIMARU has ended.

【Participating Hotels (Four hotels in Tokyo)】

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