【Introducing Japanese Culture】11/3 Culture Day「Deepen Your Journey Through Ukiyo-e」 ~Start your Japanese cultural experience with the contemporary ukiyo-e『36 Views by MIMARU』~

Press Release

At MIMARU Tokyo Kinshicho we have designed the ukiyo-e series ”36 Views by MIMARU” which uniquely introduces modern Japanese life and tourism information to international guests. To celebrate the national holiday Culture Day on Friday, November 3rd, we will kick off a project to use “36 Views by MIMARU” to playfully introduce Japanese culture, including food and lifestyle, to guests from around the world.

Ukiyo-e is said to be the finest gift of the Edo period, depicting cityscapes of the time, beautiful women adorned in fashionable kimono, and kabuki actors. At MIMARU, popular amongst many international guests, we’ve prepared original ukiyo-e designed to capture the essence of contemporary Japan. They uniquely introduce not only Japanese culture, but also Tokyo’s tourist spots through six themes: "Food," "Tradition & History," "Lifestyle," "Culture," "Art & Design," and "Four Seasons."  

At MIMARU Tokyo Kinshicho, we have launched a project using large-sized cards to enhance your enjoyment of “36 Views by MIMARU” and introduce recommended spots. Moreover, on our official Instagram, we offer an AR experience that allows you to take photos with ukiyo-e against the backdrop of modern cityscapes, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the world of ukiyo-e. At MIMARU, our staff from 32 countries and regions around the world are here to support guests in getting closer to and deepening their understanding of Japanese culture and local areas and forming relationships with people during their travels.  

■「Deepen Your Journey Through Ukiyo-e」A Special Culture Day Plan by MIMARU 
●Where to go? Draw an ukiyo-e card to discover recommended spots and deepen your connection with the local area! 
At MIMARU Tokyo Kinshicho, guests can draw large ukiyo-e cards from “36 Views by MIMARU.” In a way similar to a fun fortune-telling game, we introduce guests to cultural experiences of Japan. For example, the “food” card might include sweets, ramen, yakiniku, conveyor belt sushi, monjayaki, or izakayas. Depending on the chosen card, we provide recommendations for nearby spots.

●AR Photo Frames for capturing ukiyo-e with the city or your room as a backdrop 

On MIMARU's official Instagram, you can capture videos and photos to blend modern scenery with ukiyo-e, providing a sense of closeness to Japanese traditional culture. 
*Also available for use by individuals other than hotel guests on the MIMARU Official Instagram. 

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