In the next chapter of your life, MIMARU is here to assist you. A special temporary housing plan starting from three nights upwards.

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With the fiscal year coming to an end and recruitment opening, April marks the start of a new life for many people in Japan. Accordingly, the need to move house also skyrockets all across the country. Especially this year, with state of emergency regulations in place, the search for a new home can prove to be an almost insurmountable and stressful challenge.
“It was so much more time consuming and expensive than I expected!” you hear many people lament.

MIMARU may be able to lend support during those times. Every one of our rooms is equipped with a fully-furnished kitchen and features 24-hour access to laundry facilities within the hotel. Begin your new life at your own pace with a stressless long stay at MIMARU.

Our apartment hotels feature spacious, comfortable rooms with many appliances like a microwave, TV, humidifier and more. Free Wi-Fi access and our lineup of numerous rental items will leave none of your needs unfulfilled. Our friendly, international staff is also here to assist you during your stay. If you need us to take care of your belongings before your stay, please contact us anytime.

Your home away from home. Featuring a special temporary housing plan starting from three nights upwards. 

We listened to our guests at MIMARU Osaka Namba North and MIMARU Kyoto Horikawa Rokkaku, who had trouble moving during this busy season. Until the April 11, every long term stay above three nights will get to stay at a special 7500JPY discounted price per night (4 or 5 guests, excluding accommodation tax).

Guests also have the option to book a Weekly Plan that can be used from 7 nights or more at our hotels in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.


*As of March 2021. Please check our website for the latest information.
*As of March 2021. Please check our website for the latest information.

Staying in the city with a refreshed mindset

A long-term stay at MIMARU is not only useful for moving house. There are many more ways that guests can benefit from staying with us:
・While you are busy exploring, take your time to choose your next travel destination.
・Relax at MIMARU and get to knowthe city while you house-hunt.
Spend time in a new city, enjoy the cuisine and mingle with the locals. You may discover a new way of daily life for yourself.

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