Ethical Stay Plan at MIMARU - Part 2

Spring marks the arrival of the most anticipated time in Japan – cherry blossom season. Unfortunately, due to the state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government asked individuals to remain indoors. In response, Apartment Hotel MIMARU has created a safe space to view repurposed cherry blossoms both within our guest rooms and throughout our hotels. Even though it may not be possible to view the blossoms this year, and everyone must stay indoors, we invite you to MIMARU hotels to enjoy them in a safe space.

Availability:March 12 ~ April 18, 2021(tentative)
Participating Locations:All MIMARU hotels  in Tokyo and MIMARU Kyoto Shinmachi Sanjo

【Cherry blossoms throughout the hotel】

Be greeted by cherry blossoms at each hotel when you check in, and enjoy them throughout the facility. Each guest will be provided with both real cherry blossoms as well as a flower vase refurbished from recycled milk cartons in an effort to encourage sustainable practices. 
※Cherry blossom displays vary by location. 

【View cherry blossoms within your room】

When you check in at MIMARU branches in Tokyo, you’ll receive a cherry blossom branch to decorate your room. For even more floral fun, check out our Ethical Stay room plan at MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka. Guests who book this plan will stay in a room filled with dried flowers provided by RIN, an alternative florist which works with repurposed floral arrangements. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds to get your fill of flowers? 

Fukushima Prefecture; The Koseki Family
Fukushima Prefecture; The Koseki Family

【Our cherry blossom provider】

Every year, we provide fresh cherry blossoms to businesses for events. Given the nature of live cherry blossoms, if you don’t prepare them in advance, they won’t arrive on time for their intended event. Due to this, starting last year, we began preparing a set amount of cherry blossoms to ensure they arrive in peak condition and on time. However, many orders were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so when we got the call from MIMARU hotels requesting cherry blossoms, we jumped at the opportunity. We hope you enjoy your blossoms this spring that we raise with care!

What exactly IS an ethical stay?

An ethical stay is a new kind of travel experience which allows guests to learn about sustainable practices while staying at a hotel. 
From work responsibilities to childrearing, we understand that you might not be able to change your daily routine overnight. 
However, we believe that change starts from within. 
Allow us to help you take the first step to a greener tomorrow by booking our Ethical Stay Plan.

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