With the Mimaru Membership Program, You Can Stay for Better Rates and Earn Points!


We will offer a new membership program here at APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU. In addition to being able to stay for a members only discounted rate, you can also earn points depending on how long you stay. Please take advantage of this free membership program to make your stay at MIMARU even better!

Two Benefits of the MIMARU Membership Program

#1 Get 5% off at any time! You can stay with the best membership rate.

With the MIMARU membership program, you can lower the rate of your stay.
You can stay for a members only rate cheaper than any other reservation site. No matter which room you book at MIMARU in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka, you will get an additional 5% off the best rate plan. *There are no membership fees!

#2 You earn 1,000 points for every night you stay.Points that you can use during your next stay will gradually stack up!

With the MIMARU membership program, you don't just get a discounted rateーyou also earn points. Members earn 1,000 points for each night they stay. The points can be used starting from your next reservation at a rate of 1 point = 1 Japanese yen. With this, you can enjoy your stay for even cheaper than the membership rate.

Use the MIMARU Membership Program with 4 Simple Steps

#1 You can sign up anytime for free with just an email address!

The MIMARU membership program is free for everyone. You just need to register your name, email address, and password. It's quick and easy to sign up!

#2 Enjoy the benefits as soon as you sign up!

You can take advantage of the membership benefits as soon as you sign up. Just log in to the official MIMARU website and you will be able to access the membership rate for any MIMARU. Enjoy your stay at a more reasonable rate than any other reservation website.

#3 Especially beneficial for long stays! You get points equal to the length of your stay.

3 days after you check out, you will receive 1,000 points for each night you stayed, so it's even more beneficial to stay longer. As you relax and enjoy spending time with your loved ones at MIMARU, you will gradually accumulate points.

#4 1 point = 1 Japanese yen. Use them on you next stay!

You can use your accumulated points starting from your next reservation at a rate of 1 point = 1 Japanese yen. Your available points will be displayed on the reservation page, so simply input the number you wish to apply to your reservation. Use your points to enjoy an even more worthwhile stay.

【Overview of the MIMARU Membership Program】 (No Sign-Up or Membership Fees)

■Participating Hotels: All MIMARU Hotels

■How to Sign Up:
Click either the Login/Sign Up button on the Members Rate of the search results screen or the Login button located at the top right of the search results screen followed by the Sign Up button on the following screen. Then, put in your name, email address, and a password.

■Membership Benefits
【Benefit 1】5% off the Best Rate Plan
【Benefit 2】Earn 1,000 points for each night you stay"

■Points to Note:

  • An email address is necessary to sign up for the membership program.
  • You can change your registered information from the My Account (Membership Page).
  • You can change your email address from the "Change Email Address" button on the My Account (Membership Page).
  • Forgotten passwords can be reset from the "Forgotten Password" link on the login screen.
  • Changes to your registered information cannot be made via phone call. Please make any changes from the My Account (Membership Page) screen.
  • Check here for the Terms of Membership
  • If a password is entered incorrectly 6 times, the account will be temporarily locked for 1 hour. Once the account has been unlocked, please reset your password via the 「Forgotten Password」link on the login screen.
  • If you would like to cancel your membership, please complete the procedure via the 「Cancel Membership」button at the bottom of the My Account (Membership Page) screen.
  • We guarantee our best rate when the following conditions are met: same hotel, same accommodation plan, same reservation dates, same number of individuals on the reservation, same room type, same services, sales conditions, and cancellation policy. For details, please check the Best Rate section of the FAQ on MIMARU's official website.
  • This membership program does not apply to reservations made through other reservation websites. Please register as a member and make your reservation through MIMARU's official website.

【Regarding Points】

  • Points will be added to your account 3 days after you check out. They will expire 2 years after your check-out date. Expired points will be automatically deducted.
  • Points will be awarded for each reservation. The expiry date for the points will be determined by each reservation as well.
  • For details about your accumulated points, please check the My Account (Membership Page).
  • The points you receive per night are not dependent on how many rooms you have booked (you will receive 1,000 points per night regardless of the number of rooms).

【Regarding Point Usage】

  • To use points, log in to your member account. Once you have decided on an accommodation plan or room and click "Book," you will be taken to the guest details screen. If you have points available to use, there will be a line here to enter the number of points you wish to use.
  • You can use points in increments of 1,000, with a minimum usage amount of 1,000.
  • Points cannot be applied after making a reservation. If you would like to use your points, please cancel your reservation and remake it with points applied.
  • Points cannot be transferred.
  • Points can only be used on the official website and can only be used when the person on the account makes the reservation. They cannot be applied to other benefits or payments.
  • If a cancelled reservation with points applied is subject to a cancellation fee, the fee charged will be for the total cost prior to point application.
  • In the event a reservation with points applied is canceled, the points will not be deducted and will be readded to the available total. However, if the points are past their expiration date when the reservation is canceled, they will not be readded.
  • Promo codes can still be applied after using the membership discount and/or points.
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