【Expired】Korean-ish Girls Party

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2021.06.01 ~ 2021.12.31

TV dramas, cuisine, skincare, makeup...Korean culture has birthed many trends, but one especially hot trend now is “fake South Korea vacations.” 

Trips abroad aren’t an option now, but by making Korean food and using Korean skincare products in a fashionable hotel room or at home, you can feel like you’re visiting Korea, minus the flight. 

MIMARU has gotten on the trend by offering a Korean-ish Girls Party Plan! Keep reading for the plan information and our suggestions for a party that will make you feel like you’re in Seoul. 

A simple room that suits Korean fashion 

The first thing you need for a fake Korean vacation is the proper atmosphere. Simple but cute rooms are a must. MIMARU’s guest rooms fit that description perfectly. 

MIMARU Tokyo Shinjuku West
MIMARU Tokyo Shinjuku West
MIMARU Tokyo Shinjuku West
MIMARU Tokyo Shinjuku West

Party with Korean snacks and drinks 

Delicious Korean snacks and drinks are also included in the plan. While you eat and drink, enjoy chatting about your favorite K-pop idol or Korean cosmetic brands. 

Our guest rooms are equipped with dishes and eating utensils, so there’s no need to bring your own. You can, however, bring any food or drink you want into the room, so feel free to use delivery apps and have your favorite dishes delivered right to the hotel! Bring fried chicken and beer for chimaek, or buy kimbap and tteokbokki.  
Shin Okubo, Tokyo’s Korean Town, is nearby, so you can order in authentic “masisseoyo” Korean cooking. 

Korean face packs for fun nighttime skincare

Overnight girls parties call for a fun skincare course you can do together. As a souvenir of your fake South Korean vacation, we give our Korean-ish Girls Party Plan guests one face pack per person. 

Items to help you take perfect photos

Ring light 

Lighting is a necessity for photos! Every girl wants a ring light for her party pictures, but bringing a ring light to a hotel is hard work. 
At MIMARU, we have ring lights available for rental. You can broadcast your party live on social media with our free Wi-Fi.

Instant Camera 

Rent our instant camera free of charge. It even comes with 10 free film sheets, so you can take retro photos. Draw directly on the photos or stick stickers on them for an easy album. For birthday parties, surprise the birthday girl with photos you took the same day!

Feel like you’re in South Korea with the Korean-ish Girls Party Plan 

After you enjoy Korean food, cosmetics, and dramas in a stylish room, you will feel like you’ve gone to Seoul and back. 

Check-out at 11am, so you can sleep in and enjoy your fake Korean vacation! 

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MIMARU Tokyo Shinjuku West
MIMARU Tokyo Shinjuku West
MIMARU Tokyo Shinjuku West

MIMARU Tokyo Shinjuku West

  • Western-Style
  • Japanese-Western-Style Room
  • Bunk bed
  • Studio
  • ~4 guests
  • ~5 guests
  • ~6 guests
From Tochomae Station A2 Exit (Oedo Line) ・・・ 8-minute walk

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