【Expired】Try Local Beer from the Minoh-Beer Series!

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Introducing our special room plan, which lets you enjoy Osaka’s local beer from the Minoh Craft Beer series in a room equipped with a projector. 

Perfect for families and friends who want to spend an exciting, private evening together!  

<Important information> 
Room Plan: 【Featuring the Minoh Beer Series】Osaka Local Beer Plan! 
Hotel: MIMARU Osaka Namba North 
1. 4 cans of Osaka’s local Billiken beer 
2. 4 stylish beer glasses that are made specifically for craft beer 
3. A projector to use as your own private theater

Taste Billiken - “beer of happiness” 

The Minoh Beer brewery was established in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture. Their diverse lineup featuring lagers, weizen, pale ales and stouts is popular among locals. 

At MIMARU Osaka Namba North, you can enjoy their “beer of happiness” called Billiken from their Minoh Beer series.

The can depicts the god of luck, Billiken-san, who is also the symbol of Tsutenkaku, a tower and well-known landmark of Osaka. In the background, you can see Minoh Falls. This can design encapsulates Osaka perfectly! 

Billiken-San is said to be able to grant wishes to those who scratch the soles of his feet. Let’s hope that drinking his beer also does the trick! 

The beer is made using wheat malt, just like the famous southern German Weizen (white) beer. 

Enjoy the fruity taste reminiscent of bananas and cloves. 

The soft, refreshing aftertaste goes perfectly with dinner!

Let’s try some traditional Osaka food! 

Billiken goes great with traditional Osaka food like kushikatsu (deep fried meat and vegetables on a skewer), okonomiyaki (a japanese pancake containing all kinds of ingredients) and takoyaki (octopus balls). 

Go on a gourmet sightseeing tour through Osaka! Fill your belly with tasty food and bring a mountain of take-out back to your hotel room! 

There are countless restaurants and convenience stores near the hotel. You will never run out of food to try! 

The supermarket is only a 10-minute walk away. Pick up some ingredients and have fun creating your own 5-star gourmet course. We have a takoyaki maker ready for you as well. 

*There is a limited amount of rental items. Please contact the hotel for more detailed information. 


On top of that, you’ll receive some Billiken beer when booking this plan! 

Great food and a fun time, this special room plan is sure to make your stay unforgettable! 

Get the most out of the built-in projector in your room!

One of the perks of having a projector in your room is that you can easily enjoy TV or streaming services on the big screen. 

Our rooms feature the popular popIn Aladdin projector which turns your room into a private theater. There are lots of ways to use the projector, so we’ve listed a few below: 

1. Play your favorite music! 

The projector features high-quality speakers. 
While enjoying delicious Osaka cuisine together, a little background music would definitely hit the spot! From there, the party only gets better and better! 

2.Watch sports on livestream! 

Cheer on your favorite teams while enjoying the game on the big screen! 

3.Enjoy your favorite movies and concerts on the projector! 

Using streaming services, everyone will have fun watching movies, live concerts and more!  

The big screen will give you a completely new streaming experience enjoying the media of your choice. 

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MIMARU Osaka Namba North
MIMARU Osaka Namba North
MIMARU Osaka Namba North

MIMARU Osaka Namba North

  • Western-Style
  • Studio
  • Bunk bed
  • Loft bed
  • Pokémon Room
  • ~4 guests
From Yotsubashi Station Number 5 Exit (Yotsubashi Line) ・・・ 4-minute walk

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