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2024.05.07 ~ 2025.03.31

We have launched a referral campaign at MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station! 

If anyone you know is planning a trip to Japan, why not introduce them to the best accommodation experience? 


If you introduce your friends, MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station will provide a little present that they can enjoy in their room when they arrive. 

Referring someone takes just 2 simple steps! 


① Tell your friends about your past reservation details: check-in date, reservation name. 
➁Have your friend include the information from ① in the “Please note your requests or special needs” area of the reservation information. 
(The check-in date and reservation name of the guest who did the introducing) 

※Gift recipients are limited to those who book through the official website! 

Two Benefits of the MIMARU Membership Program 

#1 Get 5% off at any time! You can stay with the best membership rate. 

With the MIMARU membership program, you can lower the rate of your stay. 

You can stay for a member only rate cheaper than any other reservation site. 

You will get an additional 5% off the best rate plan. *There are no membership fees! 

You can take advantage of the membership benefits as soon as you sign up 

#2 You earn 1,000 points for every night you stay.Points that you can use during your next stay will gradually stack up! 

Members earn 1,000 points for each night they stay. The points can be used starting from your next reservation at a rate of 1 point = 1 Japanese yen. 

Scan this QR code for Share! 

↓Reserve here!↓ 

Share your experience at MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station with your friends. 

Wouldn’t you like to make the best memories together on your trip to Japan? 

※This campaign is limited to MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station. 
 Reservations for other MIMARU hotels are not eligible. 
※Reservations from sites other than MIMARU’s official website are not eligible for this campaign. 
Please reserve through MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station’s website here. 
※The present contents are subject to change without notice. 
※The hotel may contact the introducer and/or introducee. 
※For other inquiries, requests, or further details, please contact the hotel via the email address below. 

↓Click the banner below for details on the MIMARU Membership Program↓ 

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MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station
MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station
MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station

MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa Station

  • Western-Style
  • Bunk bed
  • Scenic View
  • Two-Bedroom
  • Studio
  • ~4 guests
  • ~5 guests
  • ~6 guests
  • ~7 guests
  • ~8 guests
From Asakusa Station Number 4 Exit (Ginza Line) ・・・ 1-minute walk

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